Thursday, August 25, 2011

Loose Ends and how have things changed

Given the Jurgens interview I started thinking of all the plot we never got tied up and things we never got answers for.

  • What is Alex now? How did she come to exists as this energy being?
  • Who's looking for Rani? Will she be raised by the Carters?
  • Who is Black Beetle?
  • Who went to the Beetle Cave with the scarab?
  • What happened to Sondra and Gracie Green?
  • Who ends up marrying Booster and gives birth to Rip?
  • What is Rips' real name (beside his surname being Carter)?
Anything I'm missing? I also wondered what is different with Boosters' supporting cast that Jurgens didn't want to show yet. Are Daniel and Rose married? Seeing other people? Did Michelles' boyfriend Drew live? Did he save Rani? Are the Time Masters (Bonnie, Jeff, Corky) alive? I just hope Rips' not back to being cyborg Linear Man because that wasn't fun for the character.

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