Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How old does one have to be?

Because DC seems to be under the impression that you have to be a specific age to be a parent. I just heard some disheartening news I wasn't aware of on a forum and hope it's not true. Because if it is it's just bull. Connor doesn't exist because Ollie is too young to be a father?! The guy was shown as a ladies man/womanizer/whatever you want to call it. He could have had Connor when he was a teen, and it certainly would have made sense for a kid that age not being ready for that kind of responsibility. Does this mean that his other son with Shado, Robert, was never born? How is Identity Crisis still canon if Clark isn't married to Lois, his parents are dead and Connor doesn't exist? Because there was like a page of Ollie being thankful he was alive.

Sin likely never got adopted by Dinah and apparently Roy is too young to be a father. Despite it being canon that he and Jade had Lian when he was still Speedy. Jason was like 12 when they found out about her. Ironically Jasons' birthday was listed on the 16th  and the 17th is supposed to be Lians' birthday. 

Wonder if Mia exists.


  1. At this point I'm not sure about ANY of the various offspring of our doughty heroes. Most, if not all of them seem to have been swept under the rug, with DC hoping that if they keep quiet, we'll all just forget that they ever existed.


  2. They could at least keep a few people married with kids. Barry already is known as Barts' grandfather so there's little point in making him younger by undoing his marriage. And I can't see this guy as Ollie if he doesn't have his kids. It's part of his image and despite his flaws it's what made him likable IMHO.