Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Booster Gold #47 The last Issue of the 2nd series

SPOILERS of course

Booster Gold #47:

While the new JLI title softens the blow of this title ending this didn't end on a high note. There are still lingering questions and even a couple added by this end. Like many last arcs before the reboot there's a rushed feeling. Although to be fair I only got that vibe in terms of writing in this issue although the art duties were split for a couple issues likely because Jurgens is doing art for the new Green Arrow book.

While the Doomsday fight wasn't all I had hoped it would be I did like how it ended. It was a genuine surprising moment that I didn't see coming and was impressed with Jurgens twist. It's a good character moment and is different than Boosters' methods of fighting. I'm not surprised that Booster is starting to forget memories of the old DCU and it does explain why he wasn't affected by the Flashpoint change. But it doesn't explain why Rip and Michelle weren't brought along. Yeah, it's never been said outright that Michelles' costume was updated with the same time travel tech as Boosters' but Rip was still wearing the uniform from TMVP. 

I know there are going to be complaints about Booster wanting to take Alex with him because I've already seen some comments about not wanting her as a romantic interest. While Booster might have been attracted to her I didn't get the feeling that was the main reason for his attachment. Since Skeets was trashed she was literally the only person that was there for him. Likewise he was the only one that really accepted her for what she was, there's a connection. Booster still has problems letting things be because time says so. He wants to help and knows she'd be happier in his world. Sadly the only thing Booster did to affect the main Flashpoint story is to tell Barry what to do. So basically if anything is screwed up in DCnU it's Barrys' fault since Booster wasn't there to stop it. ;)

Is that Alex at the end? Did she get get turned into the same kind of energy being Jason Goldstein is? Is she stalking Booster? Because she knew where the time lab was. So many questions that need to be answered. I liked this issue but there didn't seem to be enough of it. Hopefully there will be more Time Master goodness after the relaunch.


  1. I thought that it was a good issue. I'm going to miss Booster having his own book, that's for sure. I get the feeling that the ghostly figure at the end IS Alex, and I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't show up in the new books.

  2. It was but it didn't really have any sense of closure. Same here, I think I'll be in mourning for some time.

    Which is weird because I thought she was the woman they erased from JLI #1. Guess plans changed.