Tuesday, August 23, 2011

52 Logos

The logos for the new 52 are out

  • I like that they kept the Super and Batwoman fonts because some things don't need to be changed. 
  • Very fond of the scratch marks in Animal Man and Catwoman. 
  • I read some complaints over the glow for Captain Atom being cheesy but I kind of like it given the character involved.
  • I'm amused in a good way that the Green Lantern logos stand out from each other.
  • While I like the new Blue Beetle look I don't see why they had to change it.
  • Does Batgirl look too simple to anyone else?
  • Are the blue and black shapes in JLI the world? I really like all the league designs, their very strong.
  • Resurrection Man is the most on the nose.
  • I don't mind Teen Titans but it doesn't pop like past logos.
  •  Nightwing would be okay if they got rid of the bat (why blue when his color is now red?) I know they want to tie the bat books together though.
  • I would have been fine with the same Red Hood design as his mini but I love this one with the bat cutout through the os. It very cute without going overboard.


  1. I rather liked the Birds of Prey logo. And Resurrection Man was fabulous.

  2. I think Resurrection Man is everyone's favorite.

  3. I think the Resurrection Man is great, but I also like Suicide Squad and Green Arrow.

  4. Suicide Squad really does pop out at you. And taking another look at GA it really does say Ollie to me. I really liked a lot of these.

  5. I would agree that I liked more than I really didn't. I just hope the reboot as a whole goes well.