Friday, August 12, 2011

Is DC turning into Marvel?

Contains SPOILERS from interviews with different DC writers and the previews.

Any one else getting this vibe? Marvel has certain heroes that are looked down on like mutants and Spider-Man. Now DC seems to getting in on the act. In the preview for JLA #1 the police don't trust Batman. Jurgens has said that the JLI have formed as a group that answers to the U.N. in order to watch the JLA. None of the members have secret IDs. (Batman isn't supposed to be there but acts as a way for the JLA to know what the U.N. is doing.) Does that mean that Booster has a greater P.R. image than most of the JLA?

Jurgens also says that aliens aren't allowed to join JLI. This idea of aliens being outcasts seems to be spread throughout other stories as well. The latest cover for Morrisons' Superman book shows protestors waving their anti-alien signs at the man of steel. Supergirls' solicits say that she isn't fond of the people of Earth. Lobdell is exploring Starfires' struggles of fitting in and possibly helping other aliens find a sense of belonging.

I don't mind the idea--yet--but I miss the more optimistic DCU.


  1. If this is the direction that they are going in, I would have to say that it would be a shame. One of the things that attracts me to DC is that the average person LIKES superheroes, as opposed to the whole "hated and feared" garbage over at Marvel. Heck, they hate EVERYBODY at Marvel.

    In the Marvel Universe, they throw the DC Universe, they erect museums and even have a special Remembrance Day for when Superman was killed.

    I know I'd rather live in the DC universe any day.

  2. It's part of DCs' charm. I wouldn't mind if it was a few characters that were looked down at. It became Boosters' thing but it shouldn't such a huge percentage. I'd hate to think the heroes that fought Nazis, the JSA, would be sneered at.