Saturday, August 13, 2011

That time Booster almost killed someone

In Justice League Quarterly #10 I believe. Booster remembers how his life was ruined and his mother rejected him once the truth was revealed. It's a little too over the top at points and there are a couple of characters that really shouldn't be in this story. But this has a few parts that I love. One of them is Booster telling the truth of his origins to Guy, Tora and Bea for the first time. (The two random character stand ins are pretty awkward here.) Ted already knows all this from the tale Jurgens wrote years earlier.

There are two truly powerful moments in this story that I adore. The first is the heart breaking moment where Booster outright tries to murder a man who's descendant will help lead to his ruin. Only Teds' there to try to talk him down. Booster cries out, "It's all his fault!"

And Ted replied, "No, it's yours."

Ouch. When Ted was serious he really could hit where it hurts. Naturally Booster is depressed after all of this and what follows is one of my favorite moments in their friendship. Ted admits what he said was risky and yeah Booster was stupid. But he's a hero now and that makes up for those wrongs in his book. And the greatest truth of all: that Booster really only has one person that needs to forgive him for his past wrongs. Truly one of the better written Ted stories.


  1. Holy crap, I don't remember reading this! I have to go and run upstairs and start rooting through all of my JLI Quarterly books now. Because this sounds GREAT!

    Ted's right by the way. In Booster's defense he was a lot younger and callow then.

  2. It has it's moments but those two characters really stick out in these emotional moments.

    Yeah and that's why it hurts. True, like Dan Garrett said Booster learned his lesson, a lot of people can't say the same thing.