Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Trinity talks about Booster Gold

I always thought this was beyond weird. Yeah, I know the writers had no idea what was happening to the stars of 52 but even with that knowledge this sounds strange.

I like that Superman is always standing up for Booster by bringing up how he stood by him against Doomsday. But why the hell would he think it would be a good idea to give away Boosters' suit to someone else? Ignoring the fact they think it was caught in a nuclear blast or that it might be buried--it's not their legacy to give away! Can you imagine Booster turning up after they did that?

Umm, Bruce you do realize this is MICHAEL not Ted right? Not sure how a fake Booster Gold would honor him anyway, not like Ted is around to be fooled. 

Funny thing is that according to a review in the 52 novel Boosters' big fight happened in front of the heroes at the Superboy memorial. While everyone else was stunned to see Booster was alive Bruce stared. "How...ah, time travel. Of course." Makes you wonder if he was annoyed here in the comicverse because no one else had picked up on it yet.

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