Friday, August 19, 2011

J.T. Krul talks Captain Atom

And something caught my eye when I was reading the interview.

CV: What about a supporting cast? What does Captain Atom do when not in action?

JTK: In addition to Dr. Megala, there are a few other people at the Continuum that will play roles in Captain Atom's story, including Dr. Ranita Carter - a woman who proves to be something of a link to the human world that Captain Atom is beginning to lose touch with due to his extreme powers.

I realize it may seem like it's totally unconnected to Booster Gold and his family. But the Time Masters are time travelers. Captain Atom has time travel abilties. The Carter name always raises my eyebrow and the Doctor doesn't seem like a stretch. I'll shrug it off if the lady looks different but if she appears to be a grown up Rani? Oh, this will be my canon explaination for what she does as an adult.


  1. Well! That's interesting for sure. I rather hope that it IS Rani, since it would be one more burning brand, snatched from the fire, that DC is lighting in respect to all the children and supporting characters, come the relaunch.

    Man...that was a convoluted sentence.

    Still, I'm not sure that I can get excited about a Captain Shinypants book.

  2. I think I get what you're saying. It would be nice to show that some superhero kids will end up leading good lives.

    I'll be reviewing it when the time comes so I'll be letting you know how that goes. I plan to make the relaunch reviews a little different from my normal ones.