Monday, August 15, 2011

If Steph was Rips' mom

I was just thinking about this and while I don't think she's who Jurgens had in mind it could be awesome. Although if Tims' 16 in the reboot she might be back to 17 but time travel works. Plus there might not be as big a gap in Booster and her age although he's supposed to be 23 now. He might be back to 20 for all we know.  Their both cheerful people. We already knew for sure that 50% of his genes were awesome. Both are from poor families and have criminal jerky fathers (although Arthur at least showed some concern for Steph in the past.)

Yeah, Rip said that his parents built the Vanishing Point but we don't know how. If Booster could get better at tech enough to control it in TMVP then Steph could too. Neither of Rips' parents seemed to be able to update Skeets without Brainy 5s' help anyway.

But the thing that occurred to me that made me think "yeah that has possiblities"? Stephanies' father is the Cluemaster, a Riddler like character. And what does Rip do? He leaves cryptic messages on his blackboard. 

Of course if this was true it'd also mean he had a older half-sister.

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