Monday, August 29, 2011

JLI quote confirmed

I know it's hardly surprising that the origin of this quote comes from JLI. And I know I assumed it came from Batman. But there's something so satisfying in getting proof of this. I'd always thought that Bruce enjoyed the humor in JLI even if he sometimes got annoyed with it. If he could get caught up enough to tell jokes he must harbor some good feelings towards those people.

“I’ve always enjoyed your sense of humor, Booster.”
— The Batman in Justice League International #1


  1. It certainly endears me to the book. :D

  2. Me as well. What all books will you be buying in the reboot?

  3. I started at 2 but somehow ended up with 10 possible books. It still might change once I get in the store. Right now it's:

    Animal Man
    Static Shock
    Demon Knights
    Blue Beetle
    Captain Atom
    Red Hood and the Outlaws
    Teen Titans
    Justice League Dark

    I was going to get Nightwing but I lost interest in getting it and replaced it with JLD. I'm supporting characters I like, showing support for a couple creators that sold me on trying out things and trying out different genres. I'll be doing separate reviews for all of them.

  4. I am going to go with Nightwing. We will see. I may not stay long with it, but I am giving it a go at the beginning.

    And I can't read your other post because I want to be surprised when I read flashpoint 5 on Friday night.

  5. The writer for Nightwing seems cool but I'm not really interested in what their saying about it.

    Glad I got the text cuts to work.