Monday, August 8, 2011

Saw this and thought of Sue

Speaking of comic book art here's a piece I found awhile back. I don't know what the context is. What do I think the story is based on the image? 

It was Katma and Johns' wedding day and Hal got himself killed/faked his death. Likely the latter because I just have this image of him doing it to get out of making an appearance. The GLs decide to honor Hal much to Katmas' annoyance . She decides "screw it, he's not going to upstage me on my big day" and bravely tries to pretend it's a normal wedding while walking through the graveyard.

Arisa decides to end her life only to discover she doesn't know anything about earth based weapons. Later on she would be embarrassed to learn she actually stopped herself from getting sprayed with a water gun. Katma wasn't pleased with being blocked and the rest agreed to ignore the sobbing girl. Guy naturally found the whole thing hilarious especially since he was the only one that knew Hal was alive and how pissed everyone would be once they knew the truth.


  1. I've always loved this splash page. It doesn't really have much to do with what REALLY happens, but what the hey.

    This is from when GL was cancelled, but they were still running short stories, in Action Comics (I think). Hal was still banging Arisia, but manages to get himself locked in a safe or something, and can't use his ring to get himself out because...well...yellow. They do get him out eventually, and Arisia is all upset about him instead of going after the bad guy, so Hal yells at her, and it hurts her feelings...and well, it was more or less the beginning of the end. Plus, she would eat in bed, while watching late night television, and the crumbs drove Hal just CRAZY!

    And to think...they thought that Guy was the odd one.

  2. That's too bad because I really would have paid to read a story that gave proper context to the story. I want to like Arisia but most of the "13 year old that Hal hooks up with even though she's still mentally a baby" creeps me out. I'm not overly fond of Hal for it and a lot of other things.

    I know that's the really odd thing. It makes G'nort seem almost normal.