Friday, August 19, 2011

Character Development

Besides having certain characters exist this is the biggest concern I have in terms of the relaunch. Happily it looks like a lot of my favorites still have it since their stories are already in place. Although a few things should be trimmed from the bat canon but we'll see how that goes. I'm a little confused where this leaves Booster, given his role in JLI it seems that he still has his evolution as a character. Generally Booster doesn't have too many big changes when canon changes. His origin has only had a few slight changes like how he gets the Legion tech or how/why he gets into gambling. Usually because Dan Jurgens has been behind the big shifts. 

That's one thing that really keeps me interested. I don't want to start back at square one with him or any of the characters I'm into. I get that some things have to change to better explain who the character is. The preview art seems to imply that Jaime is getting a retelling of his origin without Booster. While I mourn the loss of the start of their semi-friendship (their not there yet) I can understand the need to get rid of the IC tie in. (Even though Smallville did the same thing WITH Booster being involved.) 

But I have no interest in seeing character A and character B try to restart their relationship with "will they/won't they." It can be highly frustrating when only a month ago they were married and in some cases had kids. Going down my pull list I've come to realize most of my picks have past canon in place. Something that's either confirmed by them being bat characters or by the writers themselves. There may be changes we don't know about, but I like keeping who Booster has become. In a funny way that puts him miles ahead of the so-called A listers. Many of them are restarting the journey into discovering who they are. But Booster has already done two laps and is already preparing for the next marathon.


  1. I've got to say I don't understand in the least, why they feel Jaime needs a NEW origin. He's only a few years old anyway, and his original book was AWESOME!!!! Why mess with that?

  2. I suppose it will be hard explaining to new readers about the Omac Project or how Jaime got the scarab that the Wizard took from Ted? They said it's going to be harder for him this time around. *sigh*