Friday, August 12, 2011

Cut off date?

I'm still a little stunned by the commitment of some fans to get so many comics each month. I've already seen people claiming their get all the 52 #1 issues. Some say that DC have that one issue to get them interested in each book. Others say that their give their books an entire arc. How long do you stick with a book? I admit I usually have to have enough interest to get me to purchase it in the first place. But with a book like Captain Atom that I have the least interest in I'm thinking maybe an arc. Depending on how it's written. If it's great then I'm keeping it if it's so horrible I can't stand the first issue I'll have to consider it long and hard before I drop. I want to give these books a try. 

I have thought about back up books as it were. Titles I'd like to try out if/when I drop a title. I liked the Static Shock tv show but I'm not sure if that will translate well in the comic. Especially since he's being moved away from his home town/supporting cast. Animal Man intrigues me although I'm not really into horror. And I have thought about the new Nightwing title. We'll see, I guess.


  1. 52 books at $2.99 each...that's a whole lot of moola! Needless to say, I shan't be picking up all the new books.

  2. A lot of places seem to have deals for getting the whole thing but still. I know that JLA is pricey than the normal books at $3.99. Just my seven books for now.