Friday, August 5, 2011

When did action figures get so pricey?

Yeah, I know that the figures on the direct market are usually more expensive than ones you'd find at a toy store or one of the 'marts. But seeing a Damian as Robin figure running from $24-$20 dollars (not including s/h) online?  I'm glad I don't collect all the figures in these lines. Somehow I must find Damian at a good price, I have a "don't get the same character" rule for anything that's not Booster Gold but I think this is the acceptation. Because he's actually in costume. At least he's not as pricey as Barbara Gordon as Oracle, I still haven't found one under $70. With the other BoP figures it's at least $100.00 something. Funny thing is most of my collection was discounted.


  1. Holy...! Those are beautiful. I've never even SEEN an oracle! And Huntress in her good costume!

    I do have a Black Canary in that ridiculous blue and black outfit from the old JLI however.

  2. They came out in a boxset when the shortlived BOP tv show aired. I recall the original retail price was $30, not that I could find it. Since it's not likely we're get another Oracle figure these (especially Babs) are hard to get for a decent price.

    That Black Canary looks like she's going to an exercise class. :D