Friday, November 20, 2015

Books I got

I finally used my gift card for the buy two graphic novels get one free deal. I realized I never read Batman Haunted Knight and don't actually own a copy of DKR. Which is odd, I thought I did. Still I've been exchanging/borrowing books with people for awhile. For my third book I had a hard time picking. It came down to Wolf Among Us and a Harley Quinn title (pre-Flashpoint.) As much as I love the video game I've been hearing the comic wasn't as good. I'm not a Harley fan, I don't care either way but I thought it might make a nice gift for my sisters' birthday. She's not as big a fan as some but she likes Harley.


  1. Wolf among Us has been good... but it has been dragging a bit.

  2. I know the plot was good because of the game. I'm just thinking the extra stuff they added might make it a bit too slow for my taste.