Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Green Lantern Lost Army #6

The final issue and the last we'll see of this group until the new year.


There are a lot of good ideas that thus far haven't had the breathing space to explore such as the shift with the rings being affected, Kilowog wanting to keep his staff and the greed this universes light users possess. Now I was wondering at the start of this issue who was behind all of this. I thought maybe Villian Relic from the future decided to send them back for reasons. Krona does come across rather sinister at the end and seems to know something he shouldn't but that's a different plotline.

I also thought the big build up at the end was going to be Johns' lie which was always hinted at. It's made worse by another lie which will likely come up  in the next series. The big wham moment comes when Hal Jordon sealed up their escape route. Which I took as him being the one who put them there in the first place. He might not of, all we know for sure is he got rid of their exit but the fact he did is highly suspicious. So let's think of why he would do this besides thinking it was cool when Kyle was the only GL.

I suspect this might be for reasons like preserving the timeline? Whatever the reason his actions lead to many GLs losing their lives meaning it'd have to be for a good cause to make that sacrifice worth it. I'm not sure why Guy was given a green ring and a red (especially if their both green at the end.) Does Hal suspect Guy will be the most pissed off and decided to give him both to pacify him?

 Anyway John now has to deal with his "we're here to save you" lie which Krona saw through and telling everyone else your way home collapsed. Leaving out the part about how stranding them there. Much like the first lie I can see the reasoning for it. John tells himself it's to trick them all into believing her situation isn't futile. That may be true but I think it's also a great idea not to get them all distracted by something they can't do anything about. Can you imagine how betrayed and pissed they'd be?

 This was a decent series despite whatever happened behind the scene to shorten it. I'm not sure why it ended early and why were getting a mini series instead of just having it stay An ongoing title. While it has a hurried feel to the story it's still better than many series that have issues that have to speed things along. It does have a sense of plots be dropped or change the story behind guy being a Christmas Lantern. Why did he need a red ring if it never really factors in? There art remained tight, expressive and beautiful throughout. John was a character with focus that was engaging to watch as were most of the GLs. Some of the plots like the lying concept have been highlighted a little too much but I've seen worse foreshadowing. I certainly wasn't bored with this series.

It'll be a nice title to catch up with after the month break which should give them some time to put together another title for these guys.

Questions Raised?: Does John have any family? I'm not sure about is this canon.

Say What?: You want Kilowog to find another ring? Guy you have TWO GL RINGS!


  1. The bit with Hal is a direct reference to the events on his title. The Source Wall had a breach due the God Head events and the leaking energy was threatening the universe. Hal had to team up with Relic to close the breach but as this issue showed, he was unaware of the corps being trapped behind that very same breach.

  2. Yep, Hal is clueless as usual. What I find interesting is that Relic exists simultaneously in both universes, which I actually find a tad impossible.

  3. Good to know, without reading that series I had no idea why he was doing that. Thanks for the infor, it helps a lot.

    Sally I got the impression this was taking place in the past prior to Relic being in our time. The Source Wall separating reality/time/etc. If Johns' theory isn't right then maybe this is an alternate reality.