Saturday, November 21, 2015

What's up with Bruce?

Some confusion I have over this and problems I have.


  • Alfred took care of Bruce when he was a baby? Didn't Snyder have a plot during Court of Owls about Alfreds' dad taking care of little Bruce who could walk and talk? That was a plot point because Martha was expecting her second child. Alfred came after his father died.
  • So we have yet another death in this family? Even if this and Dick's didn't last long it means that Tim is literally the only one of the guys that hasn't died. And like Dick this apparently won't carry any weight. 
  • And Alfred apparently thought it was better to mention Batman than Bruces' sons. I know I mentioned Alfreds' crappy behavior before but I still find it unbelievable.
  • Doesn't give anything back? It gave Bruce a family. Sure Dick lost his parents, Jason and Tim lost plenty too but they found each other. Bruce wasn't alone anymore and they made him human. Why doesn't Snyder care about those relationships?

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