Sunday, November 8, 2015

Predictions for Pull List

How I think I'll feel about books coming out until January.

Spider Island (Secret Wars) TPB: I was only able to get an issue of this before and saw the trade was coming out soon after the last issue. I'm sure both stories will be decent although I'm still annoyed with the awful Spiderverse mess ruining Tom and Rons' work. Their vision at least as they always do the best the can with what their given and ever fail to deliver. I heard they made it even more obvious that this May is from a different universe. I have no idea how the Flash story will go but what I read seemed fine. A suspect this will be a decent read although bitterness over what happened to Spider-Girl might sour it.

Uncle Scrooge: This is an awesome character that I've loved since childhood. I've been hearing for years Scrooge had an epic series. I had to see for myself. I'm trying not to hype myself up too much but I think I should at least have fun.

Doomed: The last issue should be out soon and I'm not going to expect too much simply because the series didn't have much time to build anything up. I think I'll like it unless it too feels rushed. Fingers crossed that it doesn't feel that way.

Back to the Future: The first issue was so well done. Usually when a comic has such a good opening issue you can rest assured that the following issues will be just as good. I'm not going to lie, this is one of the books I'm looking forward to the most.

Titans Hunt: As I stated above the first issue can usually tell you a lot about the following. I'm trying to give this series a chance especially since it has 12 issues. I think the most interesting thing about number one was what happened to Roy and that was just because of plots in RHA potentially connecting. Most of it was pretty lackluster. This is one of the ones I'm not expecting much from and think I might have to drop a few more issues in if it doesn't pick up.

Batman/Superman #27: I liked Paks' Annual with Jason even though I had a few problems with the issue. I want to think I'll enjoy this but I'm more leery towards cameos/team ups lately. Who knows how Jason will be written while he's left alone with Superman. I'm hoping just a bit cautious.

Robin War: Bat family tie ins/crossovers haven't worked so well. Not since the relaunch and I have a feeling I'll get ticked off. I'm not sure how well each issue will flow with each other but I know I'll like some far more than others. I don't think I'll like the outcome.

Red Hood/Arsenal: I have no clue what the direction is or how much editorial interference will play a part in coming issues. Will Titans Hunt play a role? If so not for awhile, at least I assume it won't. Will Robin War mess with their friendship? Maybe? I just know I'm not looking forward to Jokers' Daughter. That's presently making me doubtful of my enjoyment past December. Maybe it can work but I don't know if anyone has made this character interesting so far.

Green Lantern Corps Edge of Oblivion: I think I'll like this as much as the current story. I think it has a different writer but without seeing the first issue I can only guess.

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