Thursday, November 19, 2015

Short Review: Doomed #6

The last issue of the series which continues the team up with Superman.


Reiser (in his monster form) fights along side Alpha Centurion and a less powerful Supeman to take down Mother Herd and the monsters she creates. I like how dramatic AC is and how Superman causally dismisses his negativity while Reiser isn't sure what his deal is. AC isn't much for teamwork which is apparent when Clark gets hit after Reiser ducks to avoid the collision. The art only makes this scene more amusing with their reactions shot and one of them not reacting at all.

Our lead feels more than a little out of his depth and worries that the monster their fighting might not have started out that way. The characterzation is good with Clark being logical and seeing the need to work together--yet he doesn't try to consult Reiser. AC thinks he should be in command given his experience and Reiser finds himself annoyed with both of them for ignoring him. After Mother Herd pins Superman down Reiser finds strength he didn't know he had to take her out. Alpha Centurion thinks he should die for being a monster.

Clark doesn't stand for that and takes him out before ordering Reiser to stay put. Reiser talks for the first time in his monster form before changing back. He points out people claim Clark is a danger and the fact he never caused his neighbors harm. That he deserves as much of a chance as Superman at trying to do something good with his powers. The serious moment gets interrupted by Oui Oui who now loves him. Since he's a dog person it helps Clark decide and he agrees with what Reiser said. Although he promises to lock Reiser up if he messes up just once. He also takes AC with him, which might be awkward if and when Roman wakes up.

This was a cute series that explored the idea of monsters/superheroes in a fun way. The characters were mostly likable especially Reiser and Roman. We don't see how he hooks up with the TT but it's not to hard to connect the dots given Cassie's appearance. I don't know how that will go but that should ease Clarks' mind some. This didn't feel rushed and managed to keep some storylines unresolved. Roman doesn't know the truth and its hinted at it being a bad idea if he does since AC thinks Reiser should die. With luck we'll see them more in the future even if they can't stay in TT after Lobdell leaves. I'm glad the Sneak Peek sold me on this series because I know I wouldn't have otherwise.


  1. Yeah, for the series hving been cut short Lobdell managed to deliver a pretty satisfying ending. Here's hoping Reisner and Roman become a staple of the DCU and aren't forgotten by Pak.

  2. I'm hoping they keep showing up, a lot of peopl have passed judgement without reading their stories.