Monday, November 9, 2015

Justice League Darksid War Green Lantern #1 Preview

Found here. I skimmed it and it raised a question.

Some heroes practice a certain religion others are atheists. How does being a superhero affect that? The Greek gods for example exist so do superheroes just think of them as powerful beings that can potentially die? False gods? I'm pretty sure Batman doesn't believe in God and tries to think of things from a scientific perspective. He knows there's an afterlife since he was taken to Dr. Light after he died. Does he think that was a dimension?

There have been hints that Damian and Jason recall (or will recall) where they were after they died. In RSOB it's strongly implied Damian was in hell and his nightmare even states he lied to everyone about not remembering. Jason on the other hand currently can't remember although his Futures End issue has him saying in his narration that he was dragged kicking and screaming from heaven. Books prior to the relaunch have stated he was in heaven so how does he feel about religion? I would think these characters would have something to say on the subject.


  1. Religion on comic books is a huge can of worms because there's simply no way to write about it without pissing off someone. Specially due the implications of having the Abrahamic deity on the same world where you have omnipotent gods like Darkseid or Highfather and the questions it raises about the presence of superheroes. The most succesful takes are those where is only implied, like it was during the whole Trinity of Sin angle DC had the last year.

    On a characterization level, so far I haven't found any character where is something more that mere flavor or stereotype.

  2. I think it's possible to do it respectfully without getting preachy or upsetting people. There was a character (Rachel I think) Bruce liked in the 80's. They both cared for each other but like Bruce she had a mission. Hers was to become a nun and try to help people that way. I felt there was not only great potential there but it could have gone further.

    I think the Kanes have showed their Jewish background respectfully without making it a big deal. Jacob is a solider but it just happens to be part of his life.

    It doesn't have to be intense I just like the idea of characters like Bruce, Jason and Damian considering these things. Is Bruce a unbeliever or angry at any higher power? Does Damian feel he just needs to redeem himself or needs a more spiritual means? Does Jason sees his rebirth as a miracle or a damanation? He was a priest in Flashpoint, wore a cross in another timeline so is he religious in this one?

  3. Just read it... and it turns to be pretty decent. Nice to see Hal acting like Hal.