Friday, November 6, 2015

Short Review: Green Lantern Lost Army #3

The team is stuck in another universe with two of their foes. Things aren't looking good.


The time comes when Relic wants to know who they are and why their so different from the light users he knows. Without waiting to hear anyone's input John tells a half truth about them being from the future. He says their going to help Relic succeed. Naturally Guy isn't thrilled with it and is bothered by how easy it was for John to lie. No one gives Guy much credit but he's often the voice of reason and sees the bigger picture the way others (Hal) usually don't. John is someone I usually think of as sensible but he seems to be focused on just getting out of there despite admitting he knows something is going to go wrong prior to the lie.

Guy suggests helping and John doesn't even think it's possible. If this IS the same Relic then John is correct especially if the old universe needs to die to create theirs. Still Guy wants to try he's not rushing in like Johns' mention of the Guy Gardner playbook would suggest. Their reasoning and arguments are sound and their characterizations are solid.

Relic himself isn't entirely innocent as he allows the lanterns to fight a battle he doesn't think they can win to study them and the light pirates. It looks like Arisia has no power left in her ring and can potentially die in space.

I think the strongest moment was the back and forth with John and Guy. The fact that Guy needed to voice his feelings out loud and hated the invasiveness of telepathic communication. While John is likely right his behavior did make me have a "bad things will come from this" moment. Outside them and the future bad guys no one really gets time to shine. There's input but their not the focus. I did want to get more from the other lanterns still it's not a bad thing to see more from the stars.

Relic and Krona are both fascinating since their not villainous and want to pursue scientific means. Yet their interest also seems to have a more sinister nature. Their both interested in the lanterns and Johns' lie might have intensified their desire for answers. As for my own questions I wonder if we'll learn the how and whys before we get to the next mini series. We know where and when they are just not what lead up to it. There might not be time with the last three issues to answer any of this. Where are the other lanterns? How did they get there and why does Guy have two rings when he didn't before? It's still a good read that keeps me wondering and the questions of morals related to time travel/reality jumping do remind me of Booster Gold.


  1. I do wish John would quit wallowing in self doubt and angst. He used to be a bit more stoic, and certainly more pragmatic. And yes, Guy still enjoys pushing people's buttons for the pure joy of it.

    Relic and Krona may not be in current villain mode, but neither one of them is particularly altruistic.

  2. To be fair he has destroyed a world or two. My favorite button pushing people are Batman and Hal. It's a joy to see Guy taunt them although Batman seems more amused by it.

    Definitely. I think Bunn managed to convey a lot without having them say much.