Monday, November 2, 2015

Grayson trade finished

Some overall thoughts below.


I was working myself up for another issue and seeing those annoying fangirls again and guess what ? The only issue left in the trade was the Futures End one shot. One I reviewed already. There's also a few pages from the Secrets Origins issue and design sheets. Well that's a relief. I have to say this has been a mostly disappointing experience. I still don't know what Dick's status is in the spy world or how he can be involved in the bat world too. I don't even have a clear understanding of most of the cast just glimpses. I suppose you can say RHA doesn't have side characters either but I got a stronger sense of who Tara Battleworth is than all of the Spyral people. Except the annoying girls who gave me the impression they only do idiotic things with their skill sets.

Some issues are stronger than others as I still consider the Futures End issue to be the best issue thus far. Others have bored me or felt like they were wasting time like #4 having the fangirls chase Dick. I'll get more in depth about the fan service if I get around to a meta. To sum up it felt over the top, forced and at times was uncomfortable.

I will be reading Grayson #12 which I expect to like better. As for the character, sometimes Dick feels like himself sometimes he doesn't. Having a random hook up with a woman he doesn't know? That didn't feel like Dick Grayson. Missing his family did but at the same time there's a sense of disconnect. He didn't mention ANY of his brothers making me wonder if new comers would be caught off guard by #12. Maybe he mentions them before then in issues 5 though 11 ? If not that feels like another disservice and would make #12 ring hollow. 

I'm still not buying him as a spy because Dick is someone that thrives in the spotlight and is the most social of the Robins. Sure the concept creates new storyline ideas but it also limits the scope and potential of the character. You either have to change who the character is to make him fit into such a surrounding or make the surrounding change to fit the character. Neither is an appealing option. The first could change what we love about Dick Grayson and the second makes the spy world nonsensical (yes even by Spyrals' standards) since nothing works like it should. We as an audience just have to ignore the fact Dick's supposed to keep a low profile to hang out with superheroes and Spyral would either shrug it off or somehow not notice it ?

I never thought anything was wrong with Nightwing and making him a spy hasn't added anything that interests me.


  1. The boys aren't mentioned not even once by Dick. Everything is just about Dick's time as Robin or Bruce.

    Spyral also needs to be defined for once and all. Is an organization bent on taking down the superheroes? Is another SHIELD pastiche? Is a Men in Black sort of organization?

    But really, can we just get Nightwing back?

  2. I didn't think they would be, still it's disappointing to see it confirmed.

    If it's a bad organization then Dick's stuck with villains for an unforeseeable future. If their not then what's the problem, just a few people?

    If we do their probably be a lot of BS. to hide his ID again. At this point I wouldn't mind.