Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Short Review: Titans Hunt #2

The first issue wasn't very impressive maybe the plot will go faster now?


Roy wanted to get help to stop drinking after he started again and now he's drinking while driving. He still doesn't have a personality to speak of. Oh and the baddie gets him in trouble with the police for aiming his arrow. Dick tries to get information on Garth in the bat cave while acting like he hasn't seen Alfred since he revealed he's alive. Gnarrk wakes to draw cave pictures on the wall of the store that he apparently lives in. He seems to remember something and goes out to "hunt" while his boss rants at him. 

Alfred talks to Dick giving him an idea to find Garth and seems more human than he's been in a while. Anyway the police discover Roy has been drinking in his truck. Roy attacks them saying he needs to be with the person that can help him. The baddie taunts him and while he's distracted the police take Roy out. 

Holy crap Mals' not only married he's expecting his first child! Don't let the rest of DC know! If they know bad stuff will happen. Karen finds a picture from the awards show that has the same guy Roy saw in the background. While waiting for Garth to show up Dick listens to some music. Garth isn't pleased with luring him there with the blood of his people and soon gets the upper hand. Donna arrives to stop him.

Some of the dialogue/text is awkward and unneeded. The hunt talk with the Cave Boy was really repetitive and how Garth is written doesn't work for me. Roy came off kind of pathetic in this by getting taken down like that and the pointless drinking feels very tacked on. I hope that RHA handles the fall out because I don't trust this series to write it well. Otherwise this was a vast improvement over last issue. Dick and Roy still get most of the panel time but everyone is doing something. I liked seeing Alfred acting like his loving non-obsessed self. (I'm not sure why he's keeping the boys from Bruce anyway if Bruce knows he was Batman.) 

Mal and Karen might not being doing much but I'm thrilled to see their lives. Don't mess this up DC, let them be happily married with a baby. Dick has more personality than Roy when he was blander last issue. I can't even take Roys' desire to overcome his drinking problem seriously since he doesn't seem concerned enough to at least get to Lilith sober. I'm not sure what to think of Gnarrk yet.

Did You Notice?: Items Joker took out of the bat cave--that Bruce made into a playground for kids--are back in the cave.

The first Robin costume we see is clearly Jasons' while the second is Dicks'. 

The mention to needles when the police wonder if Roys' on something.

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