Thursday, November 5, 2015

Short Review: Green Lantern Lost Army #2

With all the comics I've been getting recently I forgot about GLLA. I'm going to be catching up before the mini series since there aren't many issues in either series. I figure why trade wait.


I think John became a solider in the Justice League animated series and that was later added to the comics. I heard he's cool before that but there's something about soliders that's inspiring and speaks of dedication. I like how the narrative is tying in Johns' past and how it relates to their current situation.

I had to remind myself that Xrill-Vrek is mimicking Guys' appearance but even so it's a surprisingly good look for him. Anyway Krona tells everyone that the pyramid of rage they found can power up all their rings. Kilowog notes that they don't have much choice since their running dangerously low on power while Arisia wonders why it seems to be abandoned. John figures out it wasn't abandoned as they walked into an ambush. The bizarro rage lanterns create crystals which Guy realizes means they killed their fellow GLs.

Krona can protect himself (mentally?) and I can't recall if he always had these powers or its just this version. Everyone fights as hard as they can with as little power as they have when John gets coated in crystal. His shield breaks him out but it takes 10% of his power level leaving it to 5%. Without having much of an option John and Guy decide to try to charge their rings. The rage lanterns of this universe freak out as the pyramid get "corrupted" and turns green. Their power levels both go to 200%. Guy claims he knew it would do that. Sure Guy. Still I do agree with Guys' assessment that this is going to bite them all in the rear. Especially since Relic shows up and things start to seem worse even if he's being friendly.

Overall: I do think Bunn is doing great work with this title and gets all the voices right. A feat that sadly not every writer can currently do. I forgot what happened in the first issue so this issue did succeed in reminding me without making it tons of exposition. I haven't read spoilers outside the Edge of Oblivion interview and I don't think the reason it's falling apart was stated. I'm wondering if these guys are unintentionally to blame for Relics' universe dying. That would be horrible for John, the guy's already known as a planet destroyer. I'm looking forward to the next issue and hoping we get more attention on the newer lanterns.

Questions Raised?: Why didn't Guy charge his red ring first?


  1. I've been liking this iteration of the GLC, so I'm not really sure why they feel they have to cancel it.

    Guy didn't charge his ring beforehand, because he had no idea that he would have to. He was hanging out on Earth, and not even wearing his rings, because he was a bit burned out on the whole Red Lantern thing, and trying to fix things after the whole kerfuffle with Atrocitus. He was unceremoniously yanked across time and space to end up wearing both rings and was confused as heck to find the rest of his buddies.

  2. I'm enjoying it and was wondering that too. I think the next mini series has a new writer so maybe that played a role.

    When Guy mentions not charging his red ring it seems like a plot point. I'm wondering why he was sent there with both in the first place.

  3. Ha! Because John is helpless without Guy's awesome powers of snarkiness!

  4. Most are, Guy always gets the best lines in GL books. ;)