Friday, November 13, 2015

Preview: Titans Hunt #2

I read this one because I'm not sure if it's going to get better or not.


Remember how Roy fell off the wagon to get drunk last issue and realized it was bad so he called Lilith? Well he decided to drink while driving. Seriously? I'm waiting until Roy actually interacts with someone or gets out of his funk because so far he doesn't seem very Roy like. He doesn't even joke around to act as a facade except maybe his "joke" last issue about falling out of the truck.

Alfred acting awkward about a hug? Dick acting like this is the first time he's seen Alfred since he "died"? Alfred not understanding why Dick doesn't want Spyal digging into his business? Yeah this isn't clicking too well. This is also what, the third time Dicks' discovering a giant secret about his life?


  1. I can't anymore. This isn't the Roy I've grown to love and respect.

  2. Disregarding Roy acting off his characterzations is pretty flat. I got more of a feeling for Roys' distressed mental state in RHA than here. He doesn't even seem to have a personality.