Saturday, November 14, 2015

Short Review: Back to the Future #2

More stories about Marty and Doc.


In the old west Doc starts laying the track that will get his time traveling train into the future to reunite him with his friend Marty. He tells his boys how his house burnt down which I was always curious about. I like that the reason isn't because his invention didn't work right and it does loosely connect to him working on the Manhattan Project. While eccentric Doc isn't as crazy as some people assume and manages to solve two problems at once.

The second story doesn't have much depth to it as Marty is just looking for something to use for a science project and ends with Doc deciding to purchase a certain car. So far this was the weakest of the tales yet still a lot of fun.

There are story beats that slightly connect and the Brown family is framing device at the beginning of each issue. Doc gets most of the focus which makes sense in this context. He's enjoyable to read and the art works well with his quirky nature. Few actually understand Doc--not just from a science aspect--and like the movies most are quick to label him a nut. Yet he never lets it get him down and there are people that do care about him which he obviously treasures. That makes for an upbeat read even if other characters say unfavorable things about him. I liked this issue slightly less than the last but it's still a very enjoyable read.

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