Monday, November 16, 2015

DC Solicits for February 2016

Not too many to get this month but maybe a few to comment on.

  • The Dark Knight Returns The Last Crusade: $7.99 huh? I'm still undecided about this because, well Miller. Even if he has help some of his work has been interesting to say the least. Not to mention those disturbing rumors I heard of Jasons' death in this canon. Still I loved this first part and I adore Jason although it will be worse since I know he's not coming back. Maybe I could find a discount but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. For now this is a cautious interest.
  • Superman The Coming of the Supermen: Written and drawn by Neal Adams? Were the variants some subtle advertising? Are we getting Superman version of Batman Odyssey? That's worrying.
  • There's far too much Batgirl this month. I miss Kate.
  • Greg Pak on Teen Titans, it could be interesting. I did wonder if he'd be writing Tim.
  • Costume confusion continues. Jason wears his old look on RHA as does Roy, in TH Roy wears the old look and Dick is in his Nightwing costume. Flashback? Well maybe, Donna isn't in her red outfit.
  • Sinestro: It's hard to tell if the recruits will be showing up for more than one issue.
  • Nice to see Harley isn't taking Jokers' crap anymore.
  • Trades of RHA and Gotham Academy and of Robin War. I'll only get the last one if I like it. Or at least if I like most of it.

There's just RHA, GLCEOO and TH for long term books. I think I'll be catching up with Gotham Academy rather than getting new issues. Maybe Sinestro and TDKRTLC.


  1. About the rumours, you mean the stuff about Jason being raped? That was debunked a long time ago

    Still, that is a hefty pricetag. I'll wait to see some impression before taking the plunge.

    Not a big fan of Superman but at the least, it should be entertaining if is anything like Odissey.

    Pak on Titans, I would've sworn Lobdell was back, still, Pak is a great writer so definitely looking forward. I do worry what it could mean for Doomed though.

    At this point the only thing I'm asking is that DC doesn't brings back the expresisve helmet.

    I'm starting to get sick of Harley to be honest. Too much exposure.

    You think the RH/A trade will have any stealth change like RHATO's did?

    Also couldn't help but notice that Robin War HC is out just two months after the event, that has to be some kind of record for DC's trade department.

  2. That's good to know but I more or less mean it'll be gory. Still I guess just about any death would be better than Injustices' rock death. Or Joker Dick's death.

    Yeah even if I was less cautious the price tag is pretty big. Certain places might have discounts so if I see any I'll post it.

    I got one issue of Batman Oydessy and couldn't imagine buying more. I enjoyed reading commentary though.

    I heard that Lobdell was just helping out. Pak is a good writer and should at least do some interesting work. If Pak doesn't want to write the Doomed stuff maybe Lobdell would use it elsewhere.

    I'm mostly indifferent to Harley. Still I prefer her over Batgirl.

    Stealth changes? Like issue 6 being place before 1 in the trade?

    Yeah that's usually something Marvel does.

    1. That's the only thing Batman Oddissey was good, having a laugh at the outrageous stuff Adams put on it.

      Yeah, I have no doubt it will be a good story but I'd liked to keep seeing Reiser and Roman.

      No, I mean like editing out the more blatant references to the Titans (issue 1), the time Jason spent with Bruce (issue 4) or changing the colors on Dick's costume (issue 6)

  3. I just remember reading the issue and not even knowing what I was reading. The commentary was golden though I might have to quote the octopus bit whenever I'm looking for a way to describe something incomprehensible.

    Same here. Their good characters.

    I haven't really given it much thought. What do you think they'd edit?

  4. It's kinda late to pretend they didn't have a relationship. At least RHA makes her leaving semi okay. It doesn't affect anything by keeping them in and if there was a problem they'd probably tell Lobdell to stop referencing her. He still is so I think no one cares.