Thursday, November 12, 2015

First Looks at Robin War #1 and Grayson #15

Robin War #1 and Grayson #15 which are part 1 and 2 of the event. I was surprised to see these so early. I haven't actually watched them but I might check it out later.


  1. Aaaaand all my hype for this event has just went down the drain. GG DC.

  2. It's not that good? I was hoping it was since the comments seemed to like it on other sites I go to.

    1. Is incredibly out of character. Dick is giving a pep talk to the WAR kids saying how they don't know what a Robin is and how they lack training. BUT since he was the first Robin is his "responsability" to train them so they can be a true Robin.

      How does that makes sense?

    2. So we don't get any reaction about them being random kids risking their lives? Maybe later on in the RW issue I guess, if not then that absurd. On the one hand I'm glad someone is at least trying to train them.

      On the other I'm dreading what it means for Jason. He was seen oppositing Tim and Dick with Damian. I don't want a situation where Jason and Damian are labeled the bad ones who are in the wrong.

      Besides none of them are a "true Robin" if their not Batmans' partner and his adopted or blood kids. That was the definition of what a Robin meant for years.

    3. Jason, Tim and Damian are working with Dick on the "Robin School"

  3. At least for now. It should be interesting to see if Roy objects to this next issue or the solicit was another mislead.