Monday, November 2, 2015

Supergirl TV series

I saw the first episode and here's some thoughts.


The casting was well done, the costume is solid and special effects are superior to most superhero tv shows. I wasn't won over by Smallville or Arrow which I felt missed the mark. I liked how the show highlights the importance of family both blood relatives and adopted. There are strong male figures in the story such as Jimmy James Olsen and Superman even if he's not actually shown for more than a few seconds. James is the cool big brother type that looks after Kara when he can and provides a link to the man of steel without pressuring her to be a hero.

Still the focus is on the female characters and how important they are. Cat Grant might be a pain but she does raise some good points and her excitement over Supergirl seems to be more than a simple "we can make money" vibe. Like she is honestly thrilled to have a female superhero to write about. I adored the addition of Alex and how much an adopted sibling can change the dynamics with Supergirl. While she did harbor some jealous it's not painfully obvious and she truly does want to protect her sister. Karas' birth mother drives the plot some which was surprising as the attention usually goes towards the father. This is even more interesting at the end when we find out another link that fleshes the story out in a compelling way.

After seeing it I'm glad it didn't turn out like I feared and I can see why people love it. This is the series girls wanted for a long time. I'm happy to see DC making more of an effort to focus on female shows with this and their animated series focusing on DC female heroes/villains. Keep it up.

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