Friday, November 13, 2015

Neal Adams variants

I'm amazed it's another month with RHA getting another variant. Some of these cover have the older version of the character and others have the new ones.

We Are Robin: This might be the way the series goes.

Batman/Superman: You know Superman seems a little too pleased to show Batman one of his Robins is a junky. Superman seems to be wearing an outfit closer to his new uniform while Robin seems to be wearing the first Tim Drake suit.

"Teen Titans"?: I know these covers are playing homage to Adams past work but I love Cyborgs' reaction. Cyborg: I know his body and my hands are smoking and this looks bad..." Maybe this a Cyborg cover but it's listed as Teen Titans.

Teen Titans: This one isn't labelled and has Tims' TT team. I want to know the story behind this cover with the creepy toys.

Robin, Son of Batman: Or "Damian Robin Title" which hopefully isn't changing it's title due to Robin War. The Robin on the cover looks too old to be Damian but I love how he's evil looking, Talia is screaming her head off and Ra's just looks like he's waiting to leave already.

Red Hood/Arsenal: It's hard to tell but I think Roy is wearing his old outfit. There are design elements that differ like his ankle pouches. No tattoos though. Jason is once again in his new Medri outfit that the artist usually forget.


  1. Isn't amazing that RH/A got another variant? Specially one of such a great month like these one? If you're curious, I tracked down all the covers used as basis for the variants

    It doesn''t look at first sight but Roy's using Medri's costume. The belts on his biceps and the "arrow kneepads" are from Medri

    I'd like to know why the variants are using those costumes though.

    Speaking of, is very curious that Jason is using a mix of Medri and Rocafort costumes on the Grayson 15 preview. The gray pants, leg guards and belts are Medri's while the jacket and body armor are Rocafort's

  2. Thanks, I knew most of these but a few of them I didn't know.

    I think the ankle pouches and the hat threw me off. I did notice the kneepads but I thought he might be combining certain elements. This month looks like a lot of fun.

    I have no idea why artists and editors for that matter keep having these problems. I thought that was the point of the character sheets. Not just for reference for the designer.

  3. It's almost like the 90's again. I assume that metallic and glitter covers will be arriving any day now.

  4. Actually Marvel is doing variants based on the 90s. And I could almost imagine them being die cut and shiny.