Monday, November 9, 2015

Do you look at previews?

I find myself avoiding the ones I'm getting to be surprised and every once in awhile reading ones I don't plan on getting. It's a pain since most of the sites I visit seem to post spoiler things without a warning meaning I have to avoid them for awhile.


  1. I enjoy reading previews for two reasons: if is a series I love, I do it to get my "fix" as soon as possible. For other series, I do it to see if is worth looking/buying them.

    In RH/A case, I usually post the preview on anywhere I have an account in an attempt of increasing the readership of the book.

  2. I used to do that but lately I feel like I get more of my money's worth to read it all at once. That way I keep surprised too.

    That's good too. I wasn't trying to knock posting it just that some of the sites I go to tend to post one spoiler image or text like : "Batman and Catwoman are having a baby!"