Saturday, November 7, 2015

Short Review: Green Lantern Lost Army #4

The question of right and wrong has been raised. Can the Green Lanterns save anyone including themselves?


As expected John saves Arisia not that it does any good as their power is sucked out and their future enemies have to flee to avoid being killed. They wake up in black uniforms where they find out there are other GLs. I like the detail of Salaak learning English and I think he just finds humans fascinating. Not many GLs can communicate though and unfortunately their in a cell awaiting execution to have more power harnessed through their bodies. B'DG can escape through a conduit Guy and Kiliwog debate Johns' lie. I do like the fact their still discussing the problem especially since it was cut off last time Guy brought it up. The fact their talking this over while fighting everyone else in their cell just feels so natural for these guys.

Salaak compares notes with John wondering if their so different from this universes' lightsmiths. Learning that B'DG has figured out where to go they prepare to fight for their lives.

There's a lot of talking but I like how it develops the characters. There was even more of a presence for the other lanterns. The situation keeps feeling more and more helpless and they only know of two dozen GLs being present in the prison. I haven't talked about the art in my other reviews which is an oversight as I usually figure the art speaks for it's self. I do want to note that I love the difference between Johns' flashback and the present. I even love the detail of the trail of blood over the white flowers. I don't have #5 but I should have it soon enough. I might get it along with the last issue. Then it will just be a month to wait until the next mini series.