Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Short Review: Green Lantern Lost Army #5

Will we get anymore answers? Will we get more questions?


I've given it some thought and I think John is my next favorite earth Lantern after Guy. I think I'd like Kyle more than I do if I read more material with him but I'm not sure how he'd measure up against John. This whole series has shown his willpower to overcome anything even if he has some lingering doubts. B'dg frees everyone making way for a prison break although he was only able to get a few rings. Salaak finds more while ignoring Guy taunting him to help out. I love Guy but I might not be able to forgive him for that mental visual.

I'm not sure of the logic of letting most of the non-ring wearing prisoner fight alone while the others track down the rings.

One moment Guys' reacting to a death and Kilowog is asking what's up with the cavalry. The next everyone is in uniform with rings or a glowing staff? Did my copy miss a page or was it really that sudden? They fight and to everyone's amazement Relic and Krona came back for them. The rest of the light smiths flee to continue waging their own war. Our guys decide to contact Mogo in hope of finding the hundreds of missing lanterns. 

Guy wants to discuss the topic from the previous issues with John. It's shrugged off because they don't have time and John is fine with whatever Guy wants to dish out later as long as he obeys orders now. Meanwhile Mogo is in pain because of the color pyramids of doom attacking.

Overall: I really love a good sci-fi story. The pace IS fast but except for the confusion over what I thought was a missing page I don't think it's really jarring. There's a feeling of unease knowing they have to get back before things go south and the implication of Johns' fib screwing them over. Or at least causing some major fallout with Guy and John. It's like an invisible timer is counting down and all we can do is wait for the explosion. 

Kilowogs' staff might play a big part in what's to come maybe because it works differently. It might even be a way for them to get home if not discover a new way to use their rings.

The art was great and three moments in particular stood out for me. The detail in Johns' war story that tells you what the narrative boxes aren't. The pixelated fire that's seen through the shield. And the sheer amount of personality when Guy hollers at Salaak. Green Lantern books need good artists to convey all the action and emotion of the characters which makes this a perfect fit.

Questions Raised?: Didn't they say that most of the aliens--outside Salaak and Arisia--can't communicate with each other without the rings? Yet two of them do just that. Maybe it's because one of them is the empathic one that makes it easy to understand others?

We've been hearing how messed up this world is but as one of the light smiths says all of them previously worked together. Our lantern corps rarely do outside events.


  1. I have liked this well enough, but it does seem a little rushed.

  2. I was just thinking that it's odd how it feels rushed then it doesn't. Most of the time I enjoy it then I think their kind of going through the confusion of their arrival, being captured and being saved pretty fast. It's not the type of rushed storytelling that feels extremely contrived and jarring. At the same time there's a lot going on pretty fast within 5 issues.