Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Back to the Future #5

More from the Browns.


We get more about Clara as she can hardly contain her excitement about finally being able to time travel. Her past is explored with her being the adventurous type that loved sci-fi. This made it hard for her to be accepted by suitors and other peers. It helps highlight why her and Doc work so well together. There was a cartoon that showed the family more but I'm not sure if it meshes with her parents story in this issue. I have to look it up at some point.

In another story Clara thinks about asking her husband if he's happy which leads to him revealing how he found out about his alternate self when the past was rewritten by Biff. Doc did what he thought was a horrible idea in the movies and talks directly to himself noting what a paradox Biff created. Because the alternate Doc was committed before the time machine could be created. Unfortunately the alternate Doc can't help as he was lobotomized.

I always did wonder if there would be counterparts for the leads or if they just weren't affected by the changes yet. This was never answered in the movies as the alternate timelines' Marty was supposed to be in Switzerland and everyone assumes our Marty is the same person. We never saw otherwise. In the comics Doc theorizes that once the timeline becomes permanent the world would end due to the paradoxes in play.

But Marty and him fixed things and Doc is happy that he doesn't have to worry about messing with the timeline. Clara reveals she's pregnant with their first child and he's thrilled. They have their second son and as much as she wants to travel she doesn't want to make him unhappy. Doc asks her if she wants to come with him to the future. Naturally she does although she realizes that she shouldn't hide part of herself. When he's about to give up Clara makes her wishes clearer and hears that it's actually the family's dream.

Overall: It was wonderful to see things from Claras' perspective and see how much she longs for adventure. Her relationship with Doc remains charming and shows why their so perfect together. His delight at hearing he'd be a father and her happiness at hearing they'd go to the future was adorable. It was nice to see what Doc went through after dropping Marty off after the timeline had changed. I adore this series and plan to get the trade.

Say What?: There are a lot of Easter eggs and this is the most spot on use of canon I've seen in comics for awhile. Doc tells the nurse his name is Von Braun which was his family's name before it was changed. It's the little details that really add something special.

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