Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Short Review: Green Lantern Corps Edge of Oblivion #4

I love the text on the cover. Guy Gardner: Muzzled (Finally!) The GLs have almost as much bondage as Wonder Woman and bat books.


A little bit further from where last issue left off as not just an underwear wearing Guy but also an underdressed Kilowog are locked up. Kilowog continues to piss me off as he talks to Guy like he's morally superior. Which ruins what could have been a great joke when we see Guy is gagged and can't respond. John tries to contact them and learns Marniel took their rings. I do like how John instantly knows who the irritating one is and it's kind of nice that it's not as obvious to everyone.

Kilowog manages to piss Marniel off leading to her beating on them until Two-Six tells her to stop. The empath sees why Marniel is doing what she's doing realizing she's trying to stop the "protectors" from destroying other worlds. The GLs with Marniel are on her side except for Guy who's under the Giants' control.

Overall: Another good read although something about the Giants never sat well with me. Their designs do invoke memories of Sinistro Corps Superboy Prime. The blackness around their lips that goes down does look like a gaping mouth which is appropriate in hindsight.

 Kilowog makes it sound like Guy and him have a much harsher relationship than I remember. Sure they got into fights but they were on much friendlier terms. I've only read one trade of Guy in Red Lanterns so maybe I missed something? "Bigoted trash"?! What the hell?! Guy--who I remind you again originally wanted to help save people in the GLLA mini--didn't want to abandon people to die because he was bigoted. These people were supposed to die, they could bring diseases into their home dimension and a million other reasons. This was explained and even though he wasn't keen on the idea Guy still tried to save the others.

I guess this means Guy isn't the star of this mini so does that mean Kilowog is the hero now? Because after his behavior I don't really want to root for him.

Questions Raised?: Why didn't Marniel kill them? Why take them captive?

I'm not sure if Marniel meant her people lost the means to wield the light because we've seen other light wielders in GLLA. Does anything in that mini matter?


  1. As much as I enjoyed seeing Guy in his underwear, (and I do), the continuing poor writing of Kilowog and his and Guy's relationship continues to annoy the pies out of me.

    Having Guy and Kilowog as buddies isn't some new idea, it goes back to the JLI and Englehart's Green Lantern from the '80's, for Pete's sake. So, more than thirty years of continuity.

    I MISS continuity!

  2. Not only are they ignoring the series that came before this one they don't seem to know the relationships involved?

    Guy might be irritating at times (although he's damn entertaining to read) but he isn't the jackass of the team that just likes to cause trouble.

    So do I. I miss the sense of history, legacy and writing good character interactions. I'm sick of characters hating on others for no good reason. Well besides lack of research.