Saturday, April 16, 2016

How long does it take you to read a comic?

I read someone say five minutes while another person suggested you should take more time to study the issue. It depends on me. I brought a couple comics with me to read during my break at work but I always had to rush so I stopped doing it. I usually read them while I'm writing out my reviews to remember phrases and art details. That takes longer especially when I have a lot to say about a particular issue and reread sections. I'm a little fussing about it since I hate being interrupted. Bad issues I either speed read through or drop for awhile out of frustration.


  1. It takes me about ten minutes, but that is when I am really paying attention to the art. If a book is really good, then I like to reread it.

  2. Same. Really good detail art also has me looking for things in the background or the way a character moves. It can say a lot.