Thursday, April 7, 2016

Red Hood/Arsenal #10

Their out of Gotham now and going back to go back work.


The exchange between Jason and Roy shows another good example of their characters. Roy having a pointless one sided discussion about the uniform he's wearing while Jason tells him to focus. While Jason is a Robin he's definitely more serious about his missions than people give him credit for. Earlier in their friendship he'd be more annoyed at Roy but he lets him get in the last word since it's not important to Jason. Roy still harbors some insecurities though as he keeps saying "partner" as he's ordered to disarm the bomb.

Five Hours Earlier and much to my delight they guys talk to Tara Battleworth again. She can't understand why the guys are risking their risking their Rent-A-Bat company by taking in JD. They send JD to meet with a psychologist which is nice to see in comics. On their job a lady named Noelle tells them that H.I.V.E. contacted them and she can't tell the Navy as they've been infiltrated. They take the job and stop the bomb. Duela can go either way and proves it by returning for her face mask.

Overall: I've missed the Rent-A-Bat story which really hasn't been fleshed out that much. I wanted to see how this works but I have a feeling this will be abandoned thanks to Rebirth and "Outlaws" going back into the title. That's one of the weakest parts in Lobdells' stories, the fact he can't even tell what he set up because higher ups decided the change things.

Yeah I'm kind of with Battleworth on this even if I'm glad to see her again it's surprising that they'd see her after she told them to get lost. Jason empathizes with JD as he was around her age when Joker killed him. It's obvious he's not seeing the whole picture because of his own past. I always felt like this was going to blow up in their faces. I had trouble buying her "I feel guilty" act last issue as it never felt genuine to me. Even if it was I wouldn't think it would be wise to have an unstable girl on the team. Why are Battleworth and the guys ignoring the fact she wasn't given an okay?

I have a bad feeling this is going to make the boys--or at least Jason--look bad in the publics' eyes making him an Outlaw again. Whether it will ruin their friendship is another concern. They were separated for so long that their banter really makes this issue great. There's some good insight on Jasons' feelings even him wondering if he's being too mean to Roy. The humor was spot on, something I hope will continue into the new series.

I liked that Jason does some badass things which impress Roy and the H.I.V.E. bad guy. Roy has gotten used to them being equals so when Jason pulls off something like getting them clearance it's a surprise to realize how amazing his buddy is. Something that Jason shrugs off because it's not a big deal in Gotham. Jason can also resist mind control thanks to his All Caste training. Another skill I'll have to add to the list that unfortunately the bat writers wouldn't bother to research.

Just three more issues to go.

Did You Notice?: The U.S.S. Excelsior, huh? I see what you did there.

Harley Quinn in the animated costume in JD's drawing. They met in Suicide Squad where Harley was less than pleased with her.

Colonel Klink and Admiral Warf. Did Jason let Roy pick the names? Although those guys can't be too bright if they think guys their age could get those ranks. I know Jasons' training made it work but still. Funny and ridiculous at the same time.

Questions Raised?: Roy disarms all the bombs they come across? Yeah it's Roy being snippy but Jason is kind of an expert on bombs.

I know I say this a lot but will the identity thing ever be a problem? Neither Jason nor Roy ever seem to care who sees their faces or knows their names.

Why did Tara send JD to a substance abuse councilor and not a psychologist?


  1. It is a shame DCYou wasn't a sales success because Rent a Bat had a lot of potential and is pretty obvious once again Lobdell had to derail his plans according to editorial wishes.

    I don't think it was that odd for Tara to meet the boys again, she was obviously fond of them (I liked the detail of Tara calling them out on that topic). If anything, I was a little bothered by Tara's statement of having passed months since their last meeting. I always felt the different stories have happened in a relatively short span of time.

    I'm loving the way Lobdell is handling Duela, is not that often that you see a character writing with this degree of ambiguety while still being believable. the whole interaction with the counselour was also great, it really helped to flesh out Duela's character and the counselour was also pretty enjoyable.

    That is very likely, it all comes down to how much Rebirth affects Jason's story in the N52. In any case, I certainly don't expect Duela to survive after Rebirth.

    I don't think it will referenced but I do hope the boys end their partnership in good terms at least. So much has gone int developing their friendship to simply throw away just like that.

    The fight in this isse was great, both Jason and Roy had their time to shine and the humor was indeed on point. It also helped that Soy fit perfectly with Lobdell's script. At least I have he confidence RHATO Vol 2 will have great art.

    I believe the counselour was supposed to be Lilith Clay, maybe Lobdell's way to acknowledge Titan's Hunt?

  2. I wanted to see the guys make a name for themselves and how this affected their relationships with their families. I really got the impression Jason could evolve more but DC nixed it.

    More of the fact they asked her for a favor when they (well Roy) pissed her off. I can see Tara being fond of them but she's also telling them that she'll ditch them the second things go wrong.

    Most of the time I'm dismissive of the mention of "months" passing since it makes no sense when you think about it. The last time that made no sense was under Tynion when he claimed months passed without the bat family doing anything to save Jason from the LOA or the LOA telling Jason anything.

    While I always had a bad feeling about JD I do appreciate how he's approaching it. The counselor scene was great and for a moment I wondered if the woman was intentionally leading her towards a darker path. I get the feeling JD was in this as a way to end the business partnership yet it doesn't feel like a cut and paste job. There's thought given to it that I appreciate.

    If she survives I think it will be one of those ambiguous deaths. Jason made her two promises that I expect to come into play. Their conflicting promises to be there for her and kill her if she can't do what he asked. Everything might be on the line because of his choice.

    Maybe Roy himself makes a choice. It's hinted at him killing the Iron Rule but he might make it again which could fracture things between them. I'd hate to see their friendship thrown away though. Their my current favorite buddy team in DC.

    I think you're right, that makes sense. I guess I was thrown off by the fact Tara didn't get the right person for the job.