Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Short Review: Titans Hunt #6

Halfway through the 12 part series.


We learn that Twister needs for the Titans to remember him to make them his slaves. They made themselves forget him to prevent this and for some reason Mod remembers him yet isn't affected? The guy with Karen is apparently (Mad) Mod. He says she might have powers because she is close to Mal which she claims she doesn't. She does leave right after we see he wants to kill the Titans to prevent Twisters' return.

Donna and Garth team up in battle and Lilith finally explains things to everyone else. For some reason no one seems aware of the fact Dove 1/Don Hall is dead? I thought this was covered in the Hawk and Dove series. I recall hearing Hank was upset to learn his brother had a history with Dawn.

It has occurred to me that because this group stopped being the Titans when Dick was Robin that the Dick/Kori/Roy shown in RHATO can't be Titans. It has means that Jason wasn't one in this canon either.

This was a better read than the first few issues and doesn't have many of the problems the earlier issues did. Yet I have trouble feeling invested and I'm not sure why. The characterizations are far better, the plot is moving along faster and more has been explained. Regardless this is the cut off point I gave myself for this series. If I hear good things I might get the rest later on and I'm considering trying the Rebirth Titans one shot to see how it goes.

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