Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Short Review: Lois and Clark #1

I'm going to get Super Sons but I need to know the backstory of one of the stars hence I'm getting back issues. Happily the older issues are marked down a dollar. This series tells the story of a couple from the old DCU raising their son in the new DCU. My digital comic reader wasn't working so well for awhile so here's hoping it doesn't hinder reading or downloading anymore.


After Convergence Lois and Clark end up fixing the Crisis on Infinite Earths situation then parting ways from Para-Hal, Crisis Supergirl and Flash. They arrive in the new world around the time of the soon to be formed JL fighting Darkseid. The couple both realize the changes from their own world, not just the heroes but also the way people react to them. As a result Clark isn't sure he should get involved and Lois just wants the three of them to be together. Years pass and Jon grows up somewhat like Clark doing chores and being given solid values.

Clark helps in secret although his powers are fluctuating. They worry about history repeating the events that happened in their world and make a scrap book of Clarks' saves for when Jon is older. Lois writes popular novels but her latest one she's working on seems to have attracted some attention. Hank Henshaw meets Clark as his ship crashes. No word if anyone else survived. Jon gets curious about the ship being saved landing himself in trouble during class.

Overall: This is actually very good. I've gotten kind of tired of all the alternate versions in the Marvel universe over the years so I think I feared this title would drag because of that. At its heart it's a story about the family trying to be heroes in a new world. Jon is pretty perceptive and extremely curious. If you're a fan of the old Lois and Clark chances are you'll enjoy this.

Questions Raised?: What happened to their world? I'm still not sure why they couldn't go back. Did Telos leave after they save the day in COIE? Para-Hal is shown opening portals afterwards. Is their Earth gone?

Jon is said to be nine but they arrived in time for the Darkseid fight when he was still a baby. Despite Snyders and others adding "a year passed" on story tags no one has aged. Damian is still ten and the five year rule (not counting Zero Year) still applies.

Did You Notice?: Channel 52 news is apparently canon although we don't see the anchors.

Their son's full name is Jonathan Samuel White since they can't use Kent or Lane without attracting attention.

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