Monday, April 11, 2016

When Booster Gold meets Batmite

It goes pretty much how I expected based on these scans.

Thoughts below.

I find Batmite pretty annoying just like I thought I would. He took a disturbing turn as he was apparently willing to kill Booster.and only failed because Booster can fly.

As for Booster apparently he already is a Time Master that acts like a screw up to use it as a cover? That was also in JLI with Batman. See canon is pretty messed up with Booster since the JLI Annual that pretty much ignored most of Jurgens JLI series. JL even had Batman act like they were fools despite the fact he was on the team and treated Booster with great respect. According to this version of Boosters' origin he's a thief (for reasons we were never shown) that was working for a man he never got to meet because he got sent to the past. He doesn't seem to know who Rip Hunter is so how can he be a Time Master, etc? He was honestly trying to be a good hero in Jurgens JLI.


  1. I interpret this issue as Jurgens' making a back-door attempt to give us the old Time Master in New 52 clothes. Certainly, the "continuity" of this series is up for debate as is any appearance of Bat-Mite, who definitely didn't exist in the post-CRISIS continuity. (During the period this was released, DiDio was saying that story trumped continuity, and certainly I don't think that the Inferior Five could ever possibly exist in the New 52 Universe.)

    That said, if you can't enjoy the meta-textural wink of Jurgens making fun of the state of comics with "Black Gold," well, then this isn't the comic for you. Pity it's the only Booster Gold comic we've gotten in the past eight months now and counting.

  2. I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a hint of something happening after Convergence or something we didn't get to see. New 52 Booster did know about Vanishing Point when he had no reason to if he just ended up in the past.

    I can enjoy meta jokes, Spider-Girl did it often but something about Batmite always annoyed me. That's why I never got this series despite Booster appearing. Booster hasn't been in Justice League 3001? Weird.