Friday, April 22, 2016

Some problems with Digital Comics

I've praised digital comics in the past so it's only fair that I talk about some of the problems I've experienced.

Now the main reasons I liked digital comics is because it's makes the books more available, the guided view makes them more dynamic to read and I can get them instantly. I'm not a fan of some of the changes made to it or a few glitches.

When I first got Red Hood and the Outlaws Anuual #2 VOL. 1 I couldn't read half of a page and it wasn't until I got my printed copy that I could see the entire page. Eventually it became readable on my player but it took awhile. Months.

You can download whatever comics you own online and previously you were able to delete the icon along with the comics from your app if you didn't want them. The books would still be available online to download again if you wanted. After some disappointing reads I got rid of the titles. Now the icons have suddenly reappeared without the comics and it won't let me delete them. I don't want to clutter my personal library and can't currently do anything about it.

Recently I've have some difficulty downloading. Not for every series I got but some pages for downloading would have errors. At one point I thought I'd been able to get a couple issues on my apps as I noticed 1 or 2 unread listings in the series title. Upon opening it I learned that they weren't downloaded but for some reason I had icons of them. I've been able to get two issues of Lois and Clark without any difficulty.

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