Sunday, April 3, 2016

Short Review: Titans Hunt #5

My most "meh" read as far as current series go. The one that even without lapsing in my reviews I normally forget about what happened between issues.


Going off what I do remember of the previous issues Twister wants Herald to call the others....despite the fact he already proved he could track them. Dick dressed up as Nightwing to attract attention from the bad guy despite the fact they were being hunted. Caveboy doesn't like anything illegal despite the fact he broke Roy out of jail. Now Twister reveals to Mal that all the original Titans made themselves forget the past.

The story does get more interesting as the Titans piece their past together. Garth and Donna even manage to be more like their past selves. Hawk and Dove went to get Hank therapy but he flips when he sees Roy. Being his usual charming self Hawk starts up a standard superhero fight. Karen finds out her husband was one of the original TT. Weakened by his beating Mal is vulnerable to Twister who makes him use his powers.

Much better than past issues but it still feels a little off. At least all the characters sans Hawk are likable. Although Hawk being angry is pretty in character.

Questions Raised?: Doesn't ANYONE remember Nightwing being publicly unmasked? Or the fact he's supposed to be dead? 

"Four years ago"? How old was Dick?

That towers was still there after four years and no one noticed?

How is it that the Titans forget most of this past, as do most normal people but the cop knows who they are? Plus that guy that recognized Donna?

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