Saturday, April 9, 2016

I can't believe they did that

In regards to Rip Hunters' family in Legends of Tomorrow.


They had Rip Hunter name his son Jonas. Now you might be thinking "kinda close to Boosters' middle name." Michael Jon Carter. Yes but he gets the name Jon from his father. So Rip gave his son a name similar to/in honor of his grandfather? The drunk abusive gambler that abandoned his wife and four year old twins?! I know the shows' creators change things but they seem to know Booster is supposed to be Rips' dad. Even if it wasn't intentional that's still a weird coincidence.


  1. Personally, I think it's not the same Rip. I think the one in Legends of Tomorrow named himself after the original.

  2. From what little I know about the show they seem to be doing things different in general like the Time Master academy. Although that may be a nod to the expanded Linear Men concept in Chronos. But the creators at least seem aware of the Booster connect which made this weird from a meta stand point.