Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rebirth Designs

There are some slight changes and some major ones. New 52 Robin designs here.


Rebirth is pretty much taking the elements from New 52/DCYOU and trying to mesh them with what worked pre-Flashpoint. Nightwing is a good example. His blue Nightwing style is the fan choice look just with bulkier gloves and blue designs on the boots. I don't hate it but it doesn't really add enough to make me love it. Still a huge improvement over the red Nightwing suit or the Grayson spy guy take.

Batman, Batwoman, Spoiler and Orphan

Bruce has the Cassandra Cain type of bat symbol and a few minor tweaks like the belt. Nothing major especially since artists will all do their own takes. I assume Batwoman and Spoiler have the same looks and I never had a problem with them. I hate the Orphan name for Cass and would greatly prefer her having a Bat look again. This is more of a generic costume, the kind you'd usually find on a henchmen.

Red Robin

Everyone complained about the wings, I didn't love that design myself but at least it was different. At least RED Robin made more sense in that costume. This? This looks an awful lot like his first pre-Flashpoint costume with two Rs squeezed into his patch. As a result this feels like a huge demotion with Tim needing to not only be under Bruces' thumb but Kate's too. This is too much of a step back that barely has anything that alludes to him being Red Robin. I don't like it.


I adore this costume which honors the old style but creates a new one that gives a different silhouette that I love. No cape but the jacket flares out like one and it has a hood. You could literally have her standing next to Helena Waynes' Earth 2 Huntress without mistaking the one for the other. Out of all the redesigns this one put in the most effort.

Red Hood

I can't see anyone's costume properly but I think Jasons' is mostly the same as his first relaunch uniform. There's no face on the helmet which was something I just shrugged at over time. Some artists did an okay job with it but others just started forgetting the fact it's a freaking helmet not his actual face. I do like the zipper look through the bat. This was done with the last uniform but I like it because the zip top reminds me of UTH. I'm not sure why he'd have a bat symbol if he's a villain/undercover but that might be addressed. Basically this boils down to: it's not broke so don't fix it.

Super Sons

I don't like Damians' new costume, it's too bulky with the knee pads, boots, hood (?) neck piece pointing up like that. The neck pieces remind me of Ra's which could be a nice nod if this didn't feel so busy. Look at the area between neck to the belt. You got the Robin symbol, the clasps, the yellow side pieces going under the belt. It's too much. There was nothing wrong with the Robin Son of Batman uniform.

Jon has a more causal look with normal jeans and shoes. The top half looks more like a super hero costume despite being a jacket with pockets and a cape. Still it works. This informs you about the character and doesn't over design. 

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