Thursday, April 7, 2016

June Reading List

I've given this some thought and I might try out a couple books.

What I'm Buying:

  • Red Hood/Arsenal #13: I thought there was going to be a month with no title but nope. This is the last issue of the series before the new Red Hood and the Outlaws title starts. I'm hoping Roy and Jason part on good terms and keep in touch. Their friendship was one of the best written ones I've seen for years.
  • Back to the Future: I decided to stick with the series instead of trade waiting at least for now. I love this title and want to see more. It also helps that my list isn't too big.
  • DC Universe Rebirth #1: Geoff Johns can be pretty hit or miss for me lately but this looks like it will be important for understand "Rebirth." I'd like to know if things will be retconned and what will be brought in.

What I might Get:
  • Green Lantern Rebirth: I don't know much about Simon or Jessica but I'm interested in officially getting a female GL from Earth. I don't think Johns will be writing the main title though so it doesn't give the proper feel of what the series will be about under someone elses' pen.
  • Titans Rebirth: Sometimes Brett Booth works for me sometimes he doesn't. He's a good artist but something about his faces isn't my cup of tea. Anyway this has Abnett from Titans Hunt writing and while that series has improved it hasn't won me over. If I got this it would be because I'm curious about the direction and the characters.

If there were different writers on board I might be interested in certain Bat books. I'll have a better idea what I'm keeping and what else I'll be trying in a month or so. I'm not too excited about the selection but I'm considering trying some things out.

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