Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Thoughts on some Rebirth news

Some intrigues me while others don't work quite as well. Keep in mind I haven't read everything.

Not sure how I feel:

  • Giffin having Ted Kord mentor Jaime Reyes and having Dr. Fate turn up. I love the idea of Ted and Jaime finally interacting and wonder how that will work in this canon. Dr. Fate also sounds interesting but my so-so vibe is more about the writer. I know Giffin is good but his solo work can be hit or miss for me.
  • Lois Lane being Superwoman with Ultra Woman as her enemy. I'm on the fence because I feel Lois is good enough and doesn't need powers. But I love the idea of her having a title and her enemy literally being an evil version of herself. Come to think of it there are now three versions of Lois in this canon. The dying part makes the powers sound like a temporary thing. This all boils down to execution.
  • Trinity sounds good and the art is great. I just don't know if I'll enjoy it long term.
I don't like it:
  • Superhero academy with Batman and Batwoman in charge. That sounds like a concept for a Saturday morning cartoon. Sometimes that can work but I'm not sure why it's set up the way it is. Tim is labeled "the drop out" because he did more solo work and is considering quitting? None of that's a bad thing although I'm pretty sure this was explored in old canon. This feels like he's being forced back because he hasn't been a good student. Why is Tim here instead of Damian? The kid that needs an adult to be watching him and literally had a series with him traveling around the world without one. 
  • Oh and Cassandra is now "the Orphan" because I guess DC still considers her too much of a threat to be called anything with bat in it. I don't like the new code name and given the crew she's with it's ridiculous.
  • Someone spoiled RHATO for me when I wanted to read the story as it happened. Yeah I read the signs early on but it still pisses me off. So Dick can go back to normal but no one tries to help Jason? Anyway I'll post more on this I just don't want to at the moment.

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