Friday, April 15, 2016

Rebirth Books I'll be trying so Far

I wasn't too excited with the Rebirth titles when they were first announced but new information has me willing to try out a few books.


DC Universe Rebirth #1- I don't know how many of my favorites--if any--will be in this but it should help clear up some confusion. The price is right too. I already pre-ordered so this one is definitely a confirmed buy.


No new titles. Just the last issues of Red Hood/Arsenal and Green Lantern Corps EOO.


Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth #1-Unless I get a title from another company or DC has a surprise mini series this will be my only monthly comic as the rest are TPBs. I love the Jason and Roy friendship but given the fallout I kind of just want to get to this series now.


Superwoman-If this is good it might become my female lead series to follow. Lois is awesome and I figure I could at least give it a try. There are some interesting ideas I'm curious about.

Trinity Rebirth-This is the one that I'm not sure about trying out but I'd be nice to see them hanging out. I like them all, Bruce being there might take out any romantic vibe and it has good art. It will also make a nice comparison to the "Dark Trinity."

Blue Beetle-I'm unsure if this will be one of Giffins' works that I like but I have to know what Ted Kords' deal is. At the very least I want to get the feel for the series and it has to be an improvement over the last run.

Red Hood and the Outlaws-This is the only title I'm sure I'll continue getting as an ongoing


Super Sons-Finally Damian gets to hang out with someone his own age for more than a couple issues. Apparently this will be more lighthearted. Now just about every bat kid has their own super person.

I've also decided to not get Green Lanterns since Johns is just doing the Rebirth one shot. I'm not getting Titans either because I feel Roy lost A LOT of personality in TH. I doubt RHATO will be mentioned so it'll just frustrate me.


  1. I guess I will be getting the first Rebirth title since it will presumably be the one that explains everything... and Blue Beetle for the joy of it.

  2. Are you getting that Hal series?