Saturday, April 2, 2016

Short Review: Green Lantern Corps Edge of Oblivion #2

I'm finally getting back to reviews before I'm too far behind. It helps that I also have some time off.


Instead of writing up a summary for this issue I'm just going to get into my feelings toward this book. It's alright but there's one thing that bugged me. The way Guys' being built up against helping these people when previously in Green Lanterns Lost Army he was FOR helping others survive while John was against it. What I liked about that version was how it made both sides more sympathetic. Guy and John might not have solved their difference but they respected each other enough to maturely discuss it. They even did it privately since they knew it was unwise to speak openingly about it in front of  the survivors.


While Guy does raise some valid points he's doing it openingly (instead of using the rings to telepathically speak) and it feels like he's being used as the GL troublemaker. Simon tells him off, Arisia tells him to shut up, it just gives me memories of how Guy used to be treated. Not good memories. Plus the change in opinion doesn't really feel earned until Lanterns are lost. THAT feels like the natural time for Guy to get pissed and question what their doing. Yes another GL died already but Guy was against this prior to that. By the way my favorite bit of art was the three panels showing Guys' emotions as it slowly registers that they just lost two friends thanks to someone else's call.

The protectors of Perduron are interesting but dire situation or not its kind of shortsighted not to inform the GLs that some on the planet their helping might not want to be saved. The villains had a very humanizing moment before one of them goes off to their death and seem to feel like they all need to die. Maybe Guy IS right and for whatever reason Marniel knows they can't cross over. Although I have to wonder like the shift in Guys' characterization what happened to Relic and Papa Smurf Krona.

I don't think Arisia or B'dg are dead. I need more to be able to buy that.

Despite still not liking how Guys' view was changed (or the other GLs getting ticked at him) Guy was a big part of this book. I'd argue he was pretty much the star of the issue as he had the most dramatic moments while others sort of fade into the background.

Say What?: "Many Worlds. One fight." I smell arc words. Maybe they need to die for the new universe to live, etc.

Awkward moment where John talks about planets being destroyed. It just reminded me of his history.


  1. Hehe. I rather forgot about John's little... history with blowing up planets. I don't think Arisia and B'dge are dead either, but Guy's woobie face was touching.

  2. I remember every time planets being destroyed is mentioned. Guys' reaction was the best part of the series so far. It's just so Guy.