Friday, April 1, 2016

The "Dark" Trinity

I haven't read much about this although I've heard very little has been revealed about it so far. Some general thoughts on this trio.

I have no idea what to expect with Bizarro much less which version this is. Since the reboot happened I think he had his origin told three different times? First as a normal guy Lex turned into a "superhero", then a clone in Forever Evil and I have no idea what the mini did with it's canon. Bizarro can be annoying if he keeps talking in backwards talk. He's a bit of a two sided coin: incredibly innocent and the team power house that can easily do a lot of damage.


In old canon Artemis was best known for replacing Wonder Woman, her amazing hair and having a bit of an attitude. I'm not as familiar with her as I'd like to be but I know she evolved over the years. How she's written is up in the air but it won't surprise me if she went back to square one to make her more of a rival for Diana. I recall there being a character that looked like her in WW so I'm curious if there were conflicting plans. As far as her bonding with her "teammates"? Well Artemis might not be so fond of them since Amazons in the reboot were, uh, on less than friendly terms with men.

Red Hood

I guess Jason is the only one with a codename. His relationships with these two will definitely be different than his friendships with Roy and Kori. I am a little worried with how "dark" this will be since DC claims their going back to character basics. I liked UTH but I don't need to see it repeated or making him the bad guy. It didn't work. I think Lobdell does the best Jason thus far so I am a little excited too. I don't want Jason to use Bizarro for his own means but it's hard to see how this would work at this point. It's hard to control Bizarro and remember Jason not entirely trusting Superman because of his powers? This super guy has less restraint. I'm kind of hoping Artemis knows the All Caste as I tend to see all ancient organisations knowing about each other.

Points for originality as this group never occurred to me, Lobdell does manage to find odd choices. In the past he's apparently tried to get Misfit, Crimson Avenger 2, and Krypto onto this title. The short lived heroes for hire bit apparently went away to return him to Outlaw status. Which is kind of sad. Having connections to two other big name franchise does open up potential storylines and crossovers. The only thing that worries me is other writers messing Jason up again.

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