Wednesday, April 27, 2016

No Death Day Comic?

A story I'd like to see tackled at some point.

Today is the day Jason Todd died.

I'd like to see the anniversary come up in the comics and everyone dealing with it. I never liked how the subject is usually handled without Jason being present. Hell Snyder had Dick Grayson as Batman get the crowbar away from an auction. Yet Jason himself never got to deal with it which made it feel like a cheat for me. Neither Dick nor Alfred even addressed the elephant in the room. 

It's also hard to imagine Joker not wanting to rub everyone's noses in it since he knows Jason is back. I could easily see him wanting to torment Jason. I know and respect that Lobdell doesn't want to focus on the same story beats. At the same time Jason hasn't had a voice for so long that he's been repeatedly blamed for his own death, Even to this day there doesn't seem to be much compassion for what he suffered.

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